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Terms and Conditions

Last revised on December 1, 20202.

This is where, for some, it gets serious, dull and you will stop reading. Feel free! Like you, we know that there's a lot of required legal language here. However, where possible and as a human rights movement, we have, therefore, added and started with human-readable short summaries (for dummies). In those texts, we've done our best to summarize the terms in plain English. Note that, these summaries do not substitute for the legal terms, below or any part of the contract. They are intended to help you understand the T&C and they assist you to navigate through the documents in an easy way. In addition, and for the experts among us, when you click on the 'show more' button, you can read the official full legal statement of each section.

Every (web) service has Terms and Conditions, a set of rules that you must follow in order to use the service. So do we. This page explains our "Terms and Conditions", which we shall henceforth refer to as "T&C". These T&C, together with any special terms for a particular site and services, create a contract between you and ALL4FREEDOM. The contract governs your use of all sites and services operated by ALL4FREEDOM, unless a particular site or service indicates otherwise.
General info on ALL4FREEDOM
Usage and agreement
You should read these T&C and only use our sites and services if you agree to them.
Table of Contents
1. Joining / IAM4FREEDOM Hero Registration
Start by signing-up as an IAM4FREEDOM Hero and use your real identity. If you impersonate someone, we will deny you access to ALL4FREEDOM and may terminate your account. And of course, please do not set up an account for someone else unless you have permission to do so. Please remember that you have a legal responsibility for your account and anything posted on it. Setting up an account does not make you a member of ALL4FREEDOM.
2.Age Limit
Be older than 13 to use ALL4FREEDOM.
3.User Identity
Only real people and entities such as authorized ALL4FREEDOM Sponsors/Partners4FREEDOM, are allowed to create and maintain accounts at this time. If you sign up on behalf of an entity, you are binding that entity to these T&C. We are glad that you use our sites, but this does not mean we are partners.
ALL4FREEDOM has the right to end your account at any time.
4. Account Security
We take security seriously. Please do your fair share by protecting your account with a strong password and by keeping your email address up-to-date. If you notice any suspicious activity in your account, please email us immediately.
5.Account Notifications
We will send you emails and notify you. Changing your profile information and email preferences is easy. You should log into your IAM4FREEDOM Hero profile on ALL4FREEDOM, in order to access your settings.
6. Acceptable Use
Please use common sense when using ALL4FREEDOM. It helps to make everyone's experience on ALL4FREEDOM safe and enjoyable.
7. Content
Please feel free to share your opinions on ALL4FREEDOM and post them to your social networks. Remember that other users will see your content and may choose to interact with it on the platform(s). When it comes to content made available on ALL4FREEDOM, remember this: we own the content we provide (ALL4FREEDOM material), you own the content you provide (user submissions) and we're responsible for our own content. We can use your content for the cause, whereas you cannot use our content without written permission.
8. Modifications
These T&C may change. We can always change things when we want. When the changes are important, we will update our site and services. If you still continue to use ALL4FREEDOM site and services, after the changes are made, you then agree to the newer version. If you do not like a change, then stop using ALL4FREEDOM site and services.
9. Termination
If you violate these T&C, you may no longer use our site and services and ALL4FREEDOM can terminate your account.
You are allowed to use ALL4FREEDOM only in accordance with these T&C and for non-commercial purposes. However, you must comply with all applicable laws when using ALL4FREEDOM. Please respect our various policies when you post content on ALL4FREEDOM. You understand that all your user submissions and the consequences of posting your user submissions are your sole responsibility and are subject to these T&C, the ALL4FREEDOM Privacy Policy, and our ALL4FREEDOM Community Guidelines.
11.Dutch Law
Choice of law: The laws of The Netherlands shall govern these T&C.
12.Dispute Resolution
Disagreements will be dealt with in a Dutch court.
13.Copyright / Intellectual Property
You may not store, use, download, upload or otherwise transmit, data in violation of any law including to breach copyright or other intellectual property held by us or anyone else. Again, your use of any user submissions and the rest of the site and services is your sole responsibility.
14.Copyright Infringement
Our users are required to have sufficient rights and/or permissions to post content on ALL4FREEDOM. If you feel that any of your copyright-protected content has been posted in a manner that violates your rights or permissions regarding that content, please use the guidelines below to contact us so we can help deal with the issue.
15.Content Removal
In order for us to provide ALL4FREEDOM to you, you grant us certain rights to the content you post. If you don't want us to display your content anymore, you can remove the content from ALL4FREEDOM.
16.Objectionable Content
Do not use any content in the category of porn, racism, threats, spam, etc. In short, be nice and know that, just like in the real world, others might not be.
Please don't hack/scrape, etc. us without permission.
18. No Representations, Warranties or Endorsements
While we may collaborate with certain partners from time to time, we do not endorse any particular individual or organization that you may come across on ALL4FREEDOM. If you choose to connect with anyone on ALL4FREEDOM, that relationship is your own and you're responsible for it.
19. Disclaimer of Warranties
We are a young and promising platform and although, we have many plans, we do not know what the future will bring. Therefore, ALL4FREEDOM is now "as is," without any warranties, as we do not make any guarantees about the sites, services or content available.
20. Liability Limitation
We want you to feel free on ALL4FREEDOM. However, please remember that you're using ALL4FREEDOM, like most Internet services, at your own risk and may not hold us liable for any direct or indirect damages. ALL4FREEDOM is not responsible for the content on the sites, your use of our services or for the conduct of others on our sites.
21.Exclusions and Limitations
When laws override laws and these T&C, ALL4FREEDOM shall have minimal liability within the circumstances
If something happens because you violate these T&C, because of your use of the services or because of the content you post on the sites, you agree to repay ALL4FREEDOM for all the damage it causes. If someone takes legal action against ALL4FREEDOM because of something you did on ALL4FREEDOM, you will be responsible for that cost.
23. Third Party Contact and Dealings
Be aware with whom or what organization you contact or contract through our services, as we are not responsible for any outcome and you should scout out the risks involved, in advance.
24. International Use
ALL4FREEDOM might not be (fully) functional in your country and you access ALL4FREEDOM at own risk and within your (local) laws.
25. Safety First!
Be aware that not everyone will want you to be free! Know and comply with the law, know the risks of your actions and that you are solely responsible for the consequences. ALL4FREEDOM need not be involved in your problems.
26. Links
On our site and services, you click on links and other references that are not part of ALL4FREEDOM. Please remember that we have nothing to do with third parties unless specified otherwise.
27. Payments
In certain circumstances, ALL4FREEDOM allows some payment possibilities, these payment T&C cover those possibilities and ALL4FREEDOM is not responsible for third party payment providers.
28. Fees
Although ALL4FREEDOM is set up as a free service 4FREEDOM, some present or future features might, at a point in time, charge some sort of fee to cover costs. ALL4FREEDOM is allowed to add fee(s) in the future.
29. Entire Agreement
These T&C and ALL4FREEDOM Privacy Policy (and other agreements we enter into with you, if any) constitute the only contract between us and, if any term in these documents is unlawful or otherwise unenforceable, the rest of these documents will apply.
30.Waiver & Sever-ability
Either party's failure to insist on or enforce strict performance of any of the T&C will not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right.
31. Force Majeure
In case of force majeure, we are not liable.
32. Legal Advice
We are forward-thinking, freedom-valuing, IAM4FREEDOM Heroes, just like you and aren't your lawyer. Please consult your own attorney, if you need legal advice.
33. General
These T&C are for ALL4FREEDOM site and services usage and may be assigned to another party.
Please check our Privacy Policy as it is part of these T&C.
35.Trademark Policy
Please read our Trademark Policy as this is part of these T&C, too.
36.Community Guidelines
Please visit the ALL4FREEDOM Community Guidelines to learn more about the kind of behavior allowed and prohibited on ALL4FREEDOM.
Thanks your taking interest in ALL4FREEDOM and our T&C. Hopefully, you have learned a little. If you have any suggestions or questions, please, feel free to contact us.
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