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Contreras García
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My ART4FREEDOM constitutes a reflexion on the seeking of peace through destruction. Humanity is shown as two headless entities who raise their arms to the sky. Our current civilization finds itself mutilated, hanged by the machinery it has created by its own hands, an artificial power which grants the capacity to reap huge quantities of human beings, spilling its members' blood, letting bullets rain to soak it while watering with violence the only world we know, the cradle of life, the one we point to fiercely, risking its existence, in order to achieve a ‘’real’’ peace. We need to stop this endless loop that has accompanied our species from the beginning of times. We are all a big family, we all need to try to respect and feel the other's feelings, not just looking at them as an ally or enemy of our interests. We are humans, we are all the same and we all want to be ourselves and be free. IAM4FREEDOM!

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